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Magic Candlesticks Reversal Pattern

Magic Reversal PatternI’ll go honest with you – I normally don’t write reviews and I haven’t done one in a while. When Dave buzzed me up last night to write one on his latest product I felt quite couch-potato like, lazy and slow to start. So I forced myself to read the same book the most of you have read yourselves.

Simple and easy

As a seasoned broker I have seen all the variety of products you can think of; from well—wrapped junk to poorly-presented strategies that would make you a fortune. I was positively surprised how simple Magic Candlesticks appeared upon the first approach.
Things are divided into flawless steps, well-presented and well described. It’s not only a really good trading pattern, what I’ll write about later, but it is really easy to follow too. This is really important as I have seen only few strategies that are so optimized to average folks who are into trading – and there are lots of them.

So here is the benefit that scratched my eye the first. You will not find so many simple patterns. I believe it will take you no more than knowing the basics of Forex trading to successfully roll out with this strategy in your demo account and later-on live.

The essence of Forex trading

By creating Magic Candlesticks pattern, Dave shared a unique thing with all of us – the essence of Forex trading. The book sports basis in opening position in the right moment.

Those who started trading while there were no Forex indicators and all that handy software probably know how much of a science revolves around timely trade entry. The book makes it as simple as it gets.

I was truly astonished when I came to the chapter explaining how to weed-out the negative signals! I personally think it was ingenious to use array of existing strategies to patch up any possible holes in Magic Candlesticks.

I will take whole thing a step further and implement this strategy into some of my own (if Dave allows me!) as I wouldn’t like to miss the chance on this one.

Proven as profitable

Now it wouldn’t be old good me if I haven’t reached for my demo account to test all that sweet talk I had previously read. And look at the devil – it did! After couple of hours of observing the chart I was quite sure I saw that “pattern” Dave talks about in his book and I felt quite excited to engage and make some cash – not real unfortunately as it was my demo account.

I believe Dave shared a great thing with community by releasing this stuff online. I will not try to talk you into having a try for yourself but I will have that much courage to stand in the line with those who tried it out and say it actually works!

Check Magic Pattern

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  1. Eugene Rodriguez

    Great strategy guys, thanks a bunch!

  2. So far so good, this stuff works. I agree with you Eugene, am kindly surprised myself that such strategy is being shared online. Thanks Dave you could have just gave a bit few more strategies to combine it with and it would have been a total blast… but hey, it still works like that

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