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Explore the most popular MetaTrader indicators, you are welcome to read great indicators guide and download your favorite MT4 indicators for FREE.


Volume Indicators
Cycle Indicators
Divergence Indicators
Multi Time Frame Indicators
Fibonacci Indicators
Pivot Point Indicators
Channel Indicators
Moving Average Indicator




Trend Indicators

There are three type of trend on market: Up moves, Down moves and Sideways trend (price moves). Trend indicators suggest you what kind of trend is on the market.

Brooky Trend Strength – Classic trend indicator, something like MACD

Heiken Ashi – Download Heiken Ashi + Heiken Ashi Smoothed MT4 indicators.

Ind GG01 – is trend indicator combinate Parabolic SAR, Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands MetaTrader indicators to calculate current trend and the best entry points.

Session Indicators

There are four regional trading sessions: Asia, Europe, America and Pacific session. You should understand all of them since each market have specific characteristic.

Learn more about Forex market hours to use session indicators properly. Bellow you can find the best MT4 session indicators, they are free for download. Simple session indicators guide is included for each indicator.

Horizontally Session Hours Indicator – Easy visual market session indicator, horizontal lines represent market sessions.

3 Candle Chart Forex Indicator – This is some kind of session indicator, you will get three candles on chart displayed from the London open to the New York Close.


Multi Time Frame Indicators

Multi time frames indicators are very useful, they allows you to see info from all time frames on current chart, no matter what time frame you use at the time.

MTF MARSI – Multi Time Frame MT4 indicator powered by MA (Moving Average) and RSI.

All Woodies CCI – This is Multi Time Frame MT4 Indicator, allows you to info (CCI) about all time frames on existing chart. This is also momentum kind of indicator. Explore momentum indicators!


Momentum Indicators

Momentum indicators records the prices movements over certain time period. They also detect strength and weakness of a trend (in past and current market condition). They are the best for detecting highest and lowest momentum in trends. We create  the best momentum MetaTrader indicators list.

Colored Stochastic – Stochastic is well known indicator, this is colored version of Stochastic. Red line alert you about overbought, green line for oversold.

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